Honda UK, with headquarters in Bracknell, is building a monstrous lawnmower that it hopes will reclaim the record of world's fastest lawnmower and reach up to 150 mph (240 km/h). The 'Mean Mower V2' will feature a 999cc engine that is capable of churning out 189 horsepower and sending the garden vehicle from 0-60mph in just three seconds. Despite being able to reach such speeds, the Mean Mower V2 will still be able to cut grass as it is fitted with two carbon fibre blades.

Wrap your car key fob in TINFOIL to stop thieves unlocking your vehicle

NEW According to ex-FBI agent Holly Hubert who is now CEO of Buffalo-based GlobalSecurityIQ, the simple hack can protect cars from being stolen. The key to stopping such attacks is to create a 'faraday cage' which means potential criminals cannot track the electromagnetic signals - and tinfoil does just that.

Strong demand for the upcoming iPhones is largely a result of the 'lack of upgrade activity over the past few years', according to market analysts at Boston firm BlyeFin Research.

Facebook has been hit with the largest possible penalty that can be handed out by Britain’s information watchdog of a £500,000 fine over the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal.

Optical illusion reveals easily skewed perception of colour

A new optical illusion has revealed just how easily our perceptions of colour can be skewed.  The illusion, by Harvard University, involves  grid of 1,000 individual dots, which range from very blue to darker hues of purple. Researchers asked a group of volunteers to say if they thought each individual dot was blue or purple.  During the trials, dots that the participants previously identified as purple looked increasingly blue to them. Researchers say this is because it could be that the human brain doesn't make decisions based on hard rules but on context of what it's seen before.

The rival companies, based in California, which are currently leading the race to build the first self-flying taxis to take to the skies, received $2 million (£1.5 million) in funding from the military last year.

Horrifying video has captured mosquitoes trying to reach human skin through a net. With 2018 said to be the worst year ever for mosquito bites, two experts reveal how you can protect yourself.

The questions sticker is now available in the stickers drawer as part of Instagram's global roll out of version 52 on iOS and Android.

The future of building? Watch the French 'builderbot' that 3D printed a family home for five in just 54 hours

A team of researchers, scientists and engineers from France have created a 3D printed house in just a matter of hours. For the first time ever, the four-bedroom house will serve as home for a family of five. The 1,022-square-foot house, located in the northwestern French city of Nantes, only took about two days - or 54 hours - to complete.

Researchers from the University of York used ancient DNA analysis and collagen fingerprinting to identify the bones belonging to the North Atlantic right whale and the Atlantic grey whale.

Researchers at the University of Sussex said the connection is probably the result of the amount of the hormone testosterone babies are exposed to in the womb. (Stock image)

Amazon recently filed a patent for a concept device that's equipped with a conveyor belt capable of sorting and transferring items. It could help the firm tackle many problems with traditional warehouses.

The Air Force Research Laboratory is working with engineers at the University of Cincinnati to develop radical new clothing that can charge your cell phone.

Helicopter pilot captures jaw-dropping footage of a bubbling lava lake while dangling over active volcano on a zipline

A helicopter pilot has shared hair-raising footage of the view just above the mouth of a bubbling volcano. In a jaw-dropping video shared by Vanuatu Helicopters this week, Pilot Andy Martin’s legs can be seen dangling over the massive Benbow Crater on Ambrym Island. The minute-long video shows a glimpse into the terrifying lava lake at the heart of the crater, which sits atop one of the many active volcanoes in the Vanuatu archipelago.


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The rocket launch that made the sky ripple: NASA explains bizarre 'smashed sundog' phenomenon

It may have blasted off in 2010, but the incredible 'sky ripples' caused when NASA launched its Solar Dynamics Observatory are still setting the internet alight. Reddit commenters have jumped on the video, claiming it is caused by everything from sonic booms or to flatulent passengers. However, NASA has revealed that in fact, it was caused by the rocket smashing through a sundog, a rare phenomenon caused by ice cystals.

Google said it's combining the Google Pay and Google Pay Send apps, making it easier for users to send and receive money. It will also allow users to save tickets and boarding passes.

Starz hit crime drama Power's fifth-season opener, which aired on July 1, was viewed 2.1 million times by users who watched it on Starz and DVR in the first three days, according to Deadline.

The tablet was discovered in in western Peloponnese after three years of surface excavations by the Greek Archaeological Services in cooperation with the German Institute of Archaeology.

A woman flying from Miami to Barbados Sunday tried to smuggle a Ball python stashed inside a hard drive in her luggage, which showed up as an 'organic mass' on TSA's scanner.

From a virtual koi pond and beer glass to today's multiplayer games and augmented reality apps, Apple's App store has revolutionised technology since in first launched a decade ago today.

A worrying new study has found that coastal cliffs stretching roughly 300 miles from Santa Barbara to San Diego are at risk of eroding at more than twice the historical rate by the year 2100.

A new Snapchat update makes it easier to search and access Lenses created by third-party developers. The update began rolling out to iOS users worldwide today.

Fortnite has been behaving strangely lately, with game objects ending up in the Californian desert, and now the game has released its first official teaser for season five, due to be released this week.

Stunning mosaics reveal the 'rich visual culture' of ancient Judaism

Archaeological discoveries made over the last few years are now helping to reshape our understanding of ancient Judaism during fifth century Christian rule. A series of digs led by researchers at Huqoq, in Israel's Galilee, have uncovered sprawling mosaics that paint a picture of a ‘rich visual culture’ that thrived during that period. While it’s long been thought Jewish settlement dwindled during this time, the recent findings reveal evidence of an elaborately decorated synagogue, suggesting the religion may have been more prosperous than previously suspected.

Scientists at Western Oregon University quizzed 590 people to find out whether looks influence the choice and expectations of engagement rings.

The craft, which is shaped like a round table with four carbon fiber legs, is set to blast off in December from Florida's Cape Canaveral aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. It should reach the moon in February.

Apple may have looked into buying popular password management company, 1Password. The firm is believed to have engaged in acquisition talks, according to BGR. It has since been refuted.

Elon Musk on Tuesday landed a deal with Chinese authorities to build a new auto plant in Shanghai, its first factory outside the United States.

Facebook is rolling out new augmented reality advertisements in the News Feed that enable users to virtually try on products directly from brands. For now, it's only available in the US.

Scientists find part of the meteorite that lit up the night sky over Botswana in June as it hurtled towards Earth at 27,738mph before exploding seconds before impact

The space rock was captured by two farmers on CCTV on June 2nd as it hurtled down from the heavens leaving a blazing white heat trail in its wake. It blew up in a huge fireball 30 miles before impact - but was just two seconds away from slamming into the savannah.

Australian researchers purposely bred around 20 million non-biting male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes for the experiment. The killer insects were infected with Wolbachia bacteria, which renders them sterile.

By default, Google, based in Mountain View, California, tracks everything you search and view on the streaming site in order to personalise video suggestions and improve targeted adverts.

A new study from the University of Washington and the University of Surrey has found that working night shift disrupts the peripheral clocks found in your body's tissues such as the liver and pancreas.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Angel Perez, 60, of New Jersey, contracted a flesh-eating bacteria that has spread to his blood and all of his limbs - and doctors may be forced to amputate.

The move by the Seattle-based chain Starbucks comes after a successful three-month trial in London, which saw a 126 per cent increase uplift in the use of reusable cups.

A Russian cargo ship carrying nearly three tons of supplies lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 10:51pm BST (5:51pm ET) Monday.

The first of three, £6,000 electronic signs are being introduced on the roads of Norwich, where they an detect when digital signals are being transmitted by a handset inside a vehicle.

The eccentric billionaire travelled to Thailand to deliver the submarine, which is made from spare rocket parts, after being encouraged to help find a solution by his followers on social media.

The incredible moment a FOUR MILE long iceberg a third of the length of Manhattan breaks off a Greenland glacier

On June 22, an iceberg roughly a third of the length of Manhattan (illustrated on right) broke off of a glacier in eastern Greenland. The calving event, captured in stunning footage by a team of researchers on site, spurred several other tall icebergs to separate as well, with some even flipping over entirely. Documenting an event such as this in its entirely can pave the way for more precise simulations, experts say, and help us determine how large icebergs may affect future sea levels.

Facebook has come under fire for its controversial facial recognition technology. It primarily uses it to assist in tagging users in photos, but consumer groups say it may violate users' privacy.

Apple new iOS 11.4.1 mobile update includes a feature, called USB Restricted Mode, which will make it harder for police to break into your phone without your permission.

Researchers from the University of Barcelona found that donning a virtual-reality headset that makes users look like the famous physicist causes them to score better on cognitive tests.

Uber could soon let users order a scooter through its app. On Monday, the firm announced that it's partnering with the bicycle renting service as part of an fresh investment round worth $335 million.

Backed by Peter Thiel, the plans will see the sea-bound city state, with 300 homes as well as hotels, restaurants, offices and more, built in the Pacific Ocean off the island of Tahiti.

Experts from Duke University, North Carolina, found that men and women with a certain combinations of genes are more likely to be socially mobile, regardless of their background.

According to a new study, the genetic diversity of Southeast Asia can be traced back to the mingling of Hòabìnhian hunter-gatherers and waves of migrants from three distinct cultures.

Twitter's stock took a beating on Monday after a report highlighted how many accounts it has suspended. It has purged more than 70 million accounts from its platform in May and June

Chinese government start-up expands its plans to use powerful facial recognition technology to spy on 'anyone, anywhere' without them ever knowing

Beijing firm Megvii has confirmed it is shifting its powerful Face++ facial recognition technology beyond China after securing a distributor in Thailand. It has also secured a deal with technology firm Vivo to use the software to make 3D models of people's heads to help them plan plastic surgery. Megvii's world-leading Face++ technology uses AI to identify people by their facial features, allowing police to spy on 'anyone, anywhere' without them knowing. The software has already been used by Chinese police departments to arrest fugitives by instantly scanning crowds of thousands of people. The company says its software has many potential uses beyond law enforcement, including in financial services, retail, and identity verification. Images show a facial recognition system built by Chinese firm Hikvision.

Bright pink pigments believed to be 1.1 billion-year-old have been extracted from rocks deep beneath the Sahara desert in Africa.

Snapchat could have some big plans for the camera in its app. Code hidden in the social media giant's Android app shows that Snapchat may be prepping a 'Camera Search' feature.

Rivers such as the Fleet and the Strand could be directed through heat pumps that could provide usable energy, according to researchers from the London-based climate charity 10:10.

The five hooded men were caught on CCTV at the outlet in Huntington Station, New York casually browsing the wares for more than two minutes before ripping 21 iPhones from their display.

The Yale University researchers insist their measurements offer the most accurate and easy-to-interpret result of any study to date since they used factors measured in an annual physical.

Some white supremacist paraphernalia on the Seattle retail firm's website is even targeted at children, including a child-sized onesie with a burning cross on it, a new study reports.

Photographer captures leopard hiding amid the foliage in Kenya

German photographer Ingo Gerlach was taking a tour of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya when he managed to pick out a leopard against the foliage, but can you spot the big cat? Leopards are common across the country but there are concentrations in the Maasai Mara and Samburu nature reserves where sightings are common, despite the animal blending in with its surroundings. Leopards have a spotted coat which helps to break up their natural outline, making them harder to spot as they stalk their prey.

Starbucks announced on Monday that it will ban plastic single-use straws from all of its more than 28,000 company-operated and licensed stores, worldwide, in less than two years.

According to the latest research by University of Chicago economists, the iPhone is more likely to indicate a higher level of income than any other product on the market.

Two researchers from Harvard University in Massachusetts have found that open-plan office do not work as intended, as people feel exposed and talk online to avoid physical interactions.

Britain has slipped four places in the world broadband speed league, leaving its network lagging well behind the likes of Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Romania.

The company said it will make 'authoritative' news sources more prominent, especially in the wake of breaking news events when misinformation can spread quickly.

Used as a hideout during the second world war, this former marl quarry in the Netherlands hosts spectacular drawings of religious figures believed to have been sketched from chalk.

Maps reveal record-breaking temperatures across the world

They show how cities across witnessed extreme temperatures in the past week, with records breaking in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Western Asia. Meteorologist Nick Humphrey, from Lincoln, Nebraska, has expressed his concerns over high temperatures at two locations (circled left) in Northern Siberia, along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. When unusually warm air enters the region, it melts ice covering the waters of the Arctic Ocean (top right). High temperatures at the Laptev Sea (bottom right) and Eastern Siberian Sea have received 'a 'true roasting', he says. Experts fear the situation, known asArctic Amplification, is promoting extreme weather pattern across the planet.

Experts at Iowa University used the the Cassini space probe to uncover a powerful and constantly changing interaction between Saturn and Enceladus.

Researchers led by Kasia Gdaniec, the senior archaeologist with Cambridge county council, are excavating the site near Highways England's A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon.

The Transcend Air Corporation announced the development of a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) six-seater aircraft that will be ready in January 2024.

Researchers say newborns face a huge host of issues, and warn that basic reproductive processes may simply not work in the Martian atmosphere.

Airbus has won two contracts from the European Space Agency (ESA) to design a Sample Fetch Rover and an Earth Return Orbiter for the 2026 mission.

German researchers studied crab spiders to understand how the arachnids 'fly'. They make 'paragliders' from dozens of thin silk fibers to catch the wind.

On Tuesday the 48-foot hull of an 18th century shipwreck washed ashore on Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida. Researchers race the tide to collect enough data to recreate the wreck into a 3-D model.

As scientists remotely explore the area using unmanned aircraft, Kilauea shows no sign of letting up; just this morning, it launched a plume 6,000 feet above sea level in yet another explosive event.

Dr Brenna Hasset of the Natural History Museum in London led the team of physical anthropologists at the archaeological dig site at Başur Höyük, in Upper Tigris region of southeast Turkey.

University of Alberta paleontologists discovered a new species of marine lizard. It lived 70 to 75 million years ago in shallow waters and was found in Puglia, Italy.

Officially known as PANSTARRS (C/2017 S3), it is surrounded by a massive gas cloud 161,556 miles wide in diameter, almost twice as wide as the planet Jupiter.

The incredible image reveals a nebula, located 20,000 light-years away in the constellation Carina, that contains a central cluster of huge, hot stars, called NGC 3603.

Apple, based in Cupertino, is considering adding ‘smart shock absorbers’ inside upcoming iPhone models to prevent glass displays from smashing – even when there is no case on the phone.

Researchers from Montpellier Medical University in France are using 3D scanners to create 'virtual cadavers' for medical students to learn on.

The skeleton was found around 37 miles (60km) from Venice in the Po valley and had 'particular lesions' on the right heel. It was analysed by Italian researchers led by the University of Ferrara.

Ever since 17 year old Alyssa Carson, from Hammond, Louisiana, watched a cartoon with spacefaring friends as a little girl she has had her heart set on the stars.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology found branching structures of former river networks on Mars (pictured) have parallels with waterways that run through arid regions on Earth.

The huge saltwater crocodile was caught in the Katherine River in the Northern Territory - after a decade-long hunt.

The NOAA mission came to a close on July 2 after more than a month mapping and observing the US Southeast Continental Margin, which stretches from Florida to North Carolina.

New images have put some weight behind the rumors that upcoming iPhone models may come with USB-C chargers that can deliver a powerful 18-watt charge.

Instagram says this new global feature is an attempt to help users combat compulsive online browsing and understand how much time they spend online.

A rare and endangered green turtle died just two days after washing up in the eastern province of Chanthaburi, Thailand. The country is one of the world's largest consumers of plastic.

This undated photo provided by The Kroger Co. shows a driverless car that the Cincinnati-based company is about to test whether it can steer supermarket customers away from crowded grocery aisles with a fleet of diminutive driverless cars designed to lower delivery costs. The test program announced Thursday, June 28, 2018, could make Kroger the first U.S. grocer to make deliveries with robotic cars that won't have a human riding along to take control in case something goes wrong. (Andrew Brown/The Kroger Co. via AP)

The test program could make Kroger the first U.S. grocer to make deliveries with robotic cars that won't have a human riding along to take control in case something goes wrong.

Roll clouds form when a downdraft from an advancing storm causes moist warm air to rise. This then cools below its dew point and forms a tube-cloud. This roll cloud was spotted in Adamsville.

A new theory suggests the stone was first hauled to Monmouth and lower parts of the River Monmouth with animals and rollers, then somehow crossed the River Severn, or was rafted down it to Avon.

The new vehicles will replace the aging fleet of expensive-to-maintain flat-bottomed amphibious assault vehicles in service since 1972. It is designed to protect Marines in transit from sea to shore.

It had been believed the 35-year-old man was beheaded by a falling rock as he tried to escape the Pompeii eruption, but now his skull has been found intact.

Disney theme parks in Florida, Paris and many more may soon have robotic performers that produce the incredible superhero movements seen only in films.

After observers from British Columbia to Oregon reported spotting a fireball back in March, experts confirmed the object was a space rock roughly the size of a golf cart.

Dogs that we think of as American - such as the Labrador and Chihuahuas - are in fact descended from dogs from the Old World, research led by four British universities revealed.

A breathtaking new virtual reality experience created by Experius VR will transport you right into the 3,000-year-old tomb of the Egyptian queen, Nefertari. She was the favorite wife of Ramses II.

The team from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna studied how dogs and wolves reconcile with others of the same species following a disagreement.

Ancient sites in Norfolk, Lancashire and Wales have been uncovered. Shown here are newly-discovered crop marks of a prehistoric or Roman farm near Langstone, Newport.

A striking image shared by NASA shows the dramatic atmospheric changes caused by the ‘planet circling’ event in the last few weeks, with sites that were once clearly visible now obscured by dust.

Scientists have been measuring the eruptions 24/7 since Kilauea first exploded more than two months ago,